Rivka 22 / Bak’a, Jerusalem

Rivka 22 / Bak’a, Jerusalem

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This unique building on 22 Rivka Street in Bak’a, houses fifty-six residential apartments, with seven separate entrances.

Every 4-room penthouse has a large porch, a breathtaking view, and is being built to the highest standards.

Consistent and intensive work with Jerusalem’s City Hall planning department for urban renewal, as well as the building’s residents, will enable the owner to benefit from the foundations’ reinforcement against earthquakes, an additional twenty-five square meters of living space in each apartment, and a full upgrade to all shared infrastructure–including the addition of elevators and replacement of the main sewage system.

When the process is over in Summer 2018, the building will be up to date on all relevant standards and building codes.

The value of the apartments will also be significantly increased.


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