Secure Real Estate Investment Opportunity in Jerusalem

Secure Real Estate Investment Opportunity in Jerusalem

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Clients always ask me, “Can you recommend a real estate investment opportunity where I’m getting in early, before everyone else?

The answer is, “Yes, I can!

A new real estate investment opportunity in the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem, called “Gilo HaYeruka” (Green Gilo) has been launched by the Manos Group.

The land has been purchased and the Jerusalem municipality is already planning the infrastructure. This is an opportunity to get in at an early stage.

For an initial investment, in Stage 1, of NIS 350,000 (approximately $100,000 USD) you will get your share in the land designated for an apartment officially registered in the Tabu, Israel’s land registry. Additional investment payments are then based on the progress of the project and construction.

The Gilo HaYeruka project, which will be built by the very experienced Manos Group, consists of 120 apartment, located adjacent to Road 60 in southern Jerusalem, with easy access to Begin Road and nearby Derech Hebron.

Selection of your apartment from the project will be on a first come first served basis, based on your entry date into the investment group.

For more information on the investment process and its potential, contact Naamit.


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